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Historical Rubicon Videos

The Rubicon Trail is rich in history, use is dated back several thousand years. The Rubicon Trail Foundation has pledged a goal to preserve that history for future generations. This page is dedicated to movies taken on the trail or anything related to the history of Rubicon that was preserved on film. If you have any home movies of the trail that you would like preserved, please contact Ken Hower about getting your home movies digitized and posted here for all to enjoy.

Click on the Title of any video to begin watching. All are found on our YouTube Channel.

The 14th Annual Jeepers Jamboree - 1966 Loon Lake Dam - Circa 1958
This video was given to the Rubicon Trail Foundation to preserve. What is interesting is there is shots swimming near Georgetown (location unknown), and LOTS of Dune Buggies! The mid-1960's the heyday of the Dune Buggy, and like always, if someone built a rig, testing it out on the Rubicon is a thought not too far behind.
A very quick home movie of the 2nd dam shot around 1958.

Ellis Creek - Circa 1956 16th Annual Jeepers Jamboree - 1968
This short family video was taken at the Ellis Creek crossing. It looks a little different, but for the most part looks very close to how it looked before the bridge was built in 2014.
This video is posted is from the 1968 Jamboree. No dune buggies like the 1966, but lots of Flat Fenders, very little camping gear and smiling faces.
59th Jeepers Jamboree - 2011  
A more modern look at the grand daddy, Jeepers Jamboree.
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