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Group Campsite


Welcome to the Group campsite page. The Rubicon Trail Foundation is encouraging groups, whether official or not, the chance to find a campsite on the property, develop a route to get there and maintain. Your group will be recognized for having a campsite on the property. You will be able to reserve your site a few times per year, for your groups exclusive use. When the campsite is not reserved, it is available for everyone to enjoy! Will your spot be popular? Will people be talking about how great your campsite is? The only way to know, is apply!!

Please read the rules by downloading them. Click here to download and read thoroughly before applying.

The following groups have already applied:
1) Rock Zombies
2) Placer County Crawlers
3) Ruff Stuff Specialties
5) Nor-Cal Toyota's
6) Sac-Town Crawlers
7) SLO County Crawlers
8) King Flower Pants
9) Grim Creepers 4WD Club
10) Friends of Fordyce
11) Contra Costa Jeepers
12) A-town Crawlers
13) Rowdy Krawlers
14) Seven Offroad
15) MTA
16) Tub Rubbers
17) EDH Crawlers
18) Total Metal Innovations
19) Drunk Fab
20) The 4x4 Shop
21) 4x4 In Motion
22) Under Construction 4x4
Please note: Clubs or Groups that apply, have 1 full season to claim their location. Any conflict in location, will be determined by the time stamp on your application.

Any questions, please contact ken.hower@rubicontrailfoundation.org for more information.
Rubicon Trail Foundation - Email - 1-888-6RUBICON (678-2426) - PO Box 2188, Placerville, CA 95667