RTF is a 501(c)3
Non-profit Educational


About FOTR


FOTR was created by trail users for the sole purposed of keeing the Rubicon Trail open.

FOTR formed at the end of 2000 when a gate was proposed on the Tahoe side of the trail. Overnight, hundreds of folks were communicating via email about how to mitigate a winter/spring errosion problem with Placer County. FOTR was formed instantly!

"FOTR and the Foundation work hand in hand to keep the Rubicon Trail our icon of four-wheeling." Del Albright 2006


The current trail boss is Shannon Chard and the current Tahoe Lead is John Briggs.
  FOTR puts a trail system map up
Former Trail Bosses  
Del Albright - Founder
Jacqueline "Bebe" Theisen
Jerry Reffner
Eric Agee
Rubicon Trail Foundation - Email - 1-888-6RUBICON (678-2426) - PO Box 2188, Placerville, CA 95667