Rubicon Trailhead Directions  


You can start your exploration
of the Rubicon Trail from
several locations. Here are
directions to a few of the most
popular and accessible:



Loon Lake

Wentworth Springs

Tahoe Staging Area


Be sure you have packed
what you need to make the
trip fun and successful.
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and Camping tips.
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The original starting point. This route is now paved all the way to Loon Lake. From there you can continue
to take the original route through Wentworth Springs or take the Ellis Creek Trail from Loon Lake to the
Rubicon Trail.

From Highway 50, turn North on Highway 49 towards Auburn. It’s not too far down the road. Turn right on
Highway 193 to Georgetown. Turn right on to Wentworth Springs Road and in to downtown Georgetown.

From Highway 80, turn South on Highway 49 towards Placerville. When you get to the town of Cool, turn
left on to Highway 193. Turn left in to Georgetown.

Out of Georgetown, follow Wentworth Springs Road until it tees with Ice House Road. Turn left and
follow Ice House Road to Loon Lake or Wentworth Springs.

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Loon Lake

From Highway 50, turn
left on to Ice House Road.

It’s a long winding road
with a good climb to it.

Don’t be in a hurry.


Wentworth Springs

This is again part of the original route. Coming from Georgetown or Highway 50, don’t turn towards
Loon Lake, keep straight. There are two old routes from here. Just before the bridge before Airport Flat
Campground turn right and follow the old original dirt route over Geerle Creek to Wentworth Springs.
This area is frequented by quads and motorcycles.

Continuing on straight past Airport Flat Campground is the paved route to Wentworth Springs. This has
become the accepted original route of the Rubicon Trail. Follow the signs to the Wentworth Springs
Campground and the Rubicon Trail.

Tahoe Staging Area

This is the traditional end of the
trail for most people but for
those of us living on this end,
it’s the beginning.

From Highway 50, turn north
on Highway 89 towards Tahoe
City. After about 16 miles
from the famous “Y” at South
Lake Tahoe look for the
McKinney Rubicon Road and
turn left in to the residential

Follow the signs to the Rubicon
OHV Trail. It’s a left, then a
right, then it curves left and
right, then another hard left,
then straight on to the paved
section of the trail.

About 1.5 miles in is the staging area. There is room to unload a trailer or air down the tires.

Parking and Staging Areas

Each trailhead has a different parking situation.

Loon Lake
Ample parking exists right at the trailhead, with overflow and oversize parking available in the gravel lot
adjacent to the Loon Lake Chalet. There is a public toilet at the Chalet and a kiosk with trail information
and a public toilet at the trailhead.

Wentworth Springs
Rroad-side parking is quite limited. There is a small area near the junction of Wentworth Springs Road
and 14NO5 that can accommodate a few tow rigs. There is also a fair amount of parking in the area of
Airport Flat Campground. There is also a kiosk with trail information and limited parking at Wentworth
Springs campground.

Near Tahoe
There is a staging area with public toilets and signs with maps and trail information.

Other parking in the Tahoe area can be found at the casinos at South Lake Tahoe, about 20 miles around
the lake, or on the El Dorado side of the trail, at local resorts like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or Icehouse Resort.


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