RTF Property - Project 4
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01. Water crossing at Project 4..jpg
02. Crossing from side view..jpg
03. Aaron brings in drainage pipe by himself!.jpg
04. Crew assembles after during Jamboree..jpg
05. John from 2 Guys Trail Gear and Aaron Bortolazzo from FMA Builders lay drainage pipe..jpg
06. Drainage pipe in position..jpg
07. Time to collect materials...aka ROCK..jpg
08. RTF trailers and crew at work..jpg
09. L-R-Clarke, Derek, Aaron, and John...Laura Schiller as photographer..jpg
10. Rock fill material placed onsite..jpg
11. More fill in..jpg
12. All set..jpg
13. Rock and fensing to complete the job..jpg
14. Logs to line the trail..jpg
15. Finished! Project 4 is complete!!.jpg

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